Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sailors, aliens, and siblings...oh my!

Jared was obviously not thrilled with this not-so-masculine outfit, but Jack kept reminding me that he looked "berry handsome". And he would not take off the hat!


He even kept the hat on when I changed his clothes!


"Wook, I a awien!" (alien) He gets so tickled because we act scared when he does this, that he can't really look all that scary...


...or maybe he can look scary...this picture is a little creepy!


The boys have been very sweet to each other lately. Well, in between the scuffling and the yelling. But aren't they precious?? Anytime I mention the baby, they get all sweet and lovey and say things like, "I'm a good big brother, right?" They sure are! (when they want to be)




I asked for a sweet picture of these two, which is normally no problem, but they thought it would be cuter to pretend to be fighting. I love it!



Jeanne said...

Are these the cutest kids, or what???? No, I'm not at all biased just because they're my grandkids...

Yep, that second alien picture of Jack is a little disturbing! He is the cutest thing!!!

Love, Dani

Jeanne said...

Oh! I just noticed Little Boy Blue's countdown and it's less than a month!!!! Hooray!

Michael and Hannah said...

Wesley has that EXACT same sailor outfit! It came with a jacket, right? Lemme tell ya, Michael just looooves it when I dress Wes in that outfit for church. Ha! Hey, being dressed in a sissy sailor outfit is a rite of passage for little boys!

Melanie said...

Yes, Hannah, it has a jacket (and not the shirt, I added that because it was still a little cool...but I LOVE it without the shirt). Without pictures like this, what would we have to embarrass them later??

Lydia's Mom said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful children. They are so cute. I wish you were in BG still. I miss you girl. I love reading your posts. Your kids are so great, what fun they will have ALL trying to be the best big brother/sister. They will be a lot of help. I can't wait to see little blueberry! does he have a name yet or is it a suprise?