Friday, April 25, 2008

In memory...

Jared's aunt, Mildred "Poodle" Houchens, passed away last weekend. Her funeral was Wednesday in Glasgow. She shared her birthday with Noah, March 17. The sisters (Jared's mom Shirley, Mildred, Lou and Mary Nell) were often referred to by Mary Nell's daughter, Tonya, as "The Golden Girls", with Mildred being Sophia. She always carried her purse on her arm, and someone would notice, after about 30 minutes of being somewhere, that she was still holding it, and of course they'd all have a good laugh about it. Aunt Mildred, as well as her daughter, Judy, have both been widowed for over 10 years. Because of this, she and Judy have been inseparable for many years. Please keep Judy especially in your prayers, as she adjusts to life without her mother, companion and best friend.

12-23-00 Gerald,Judy,Tonya,Mildred

(L-R) Gerald (Jared's dad), Judy,

Tonya, and Mildred

The Hunt siblings: (L-R) Trigger, Bill, Lou, Mary Nell, Mildred & Shirley

12-23-00 Trigger,Bill,Lou,Mary,Mildred,Shirley ca

Mildred was blessed to live to enjoy her two great-granddaughters, Kaylyn (8) and Khloe (almost 3). Below is a picture of my Madeline with sweet Kaylyn.

12-18-04 M & K hug close

We will miss you, Aunt Mildred, but we are thankful that your pain and sickness are over forever. Please keep her children Jimmy (wife Sheila) and Judy, granddaughters, Melissa (husband Keith, daughters Kaylyn & Khloe) and Ashlea, and siblings Trigger (wife Sue), Lou, Shirley (husband Gerald), Bill (wife Kitty), and Mary Nell, in your prayers as they grieve.

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Jeanne said...

I can't remember if I ever actually met Mildred, but I'm so sorry for her loss. I know she's been ill for a long time. My prayers are with the family.