Sunday, April 13, 2008

If one soccer picture is good, 47 are better...

After last weekend's rain-out, the boys were excited about their first games this weekend. After 75 degree weather late in the week, we were fuh-reeeeee-zing in 40 degree weather for the game! Noah's team, the Royals (which he kept calling the Blue Jackets, because last year he was yellow and they were the Yellow Jackets), played a great game at 8:30 on a Saturday morning. No one really keeps score, but we definitely held our own and Noah enjoyed it more than ANY game last season, mostly because he was the smallest kid last year and now he's at least average, so he actually had a chance. Both of their practices have been rained out, so they had never actually practiced together. And he was asked to play goalie, which he had never done before! He let a couple slip by him, as he was more concerned with stomping the pile of mud in the goal than paying attention. This is right after the other team scored on him and he took the cheers of the other team's parents very personally, which, along with his size, build, and non-existent inherited athleticism, does not bode well for his athletic future...


But he recovered and made a couple of great saves before his rotation was up!


As you can see, he was pretty proud of his overall first outing as the Royal goal-keeper!


And let's not forget the supportive brother, who lovingly froze his buns off to watch and cheer for his hero. A McGriddle and Hi-C orange bribe doesn't hurt...


The devoted daddy was even there! He went into work super-early so he could come to the game and cheer on his boy. Four days before the tax deadline. He's such a good daddy!


While Jack did actually pay attention to some of the game, he also spent a good deal of time watching the clouds float by and telling very complicated (and mostly unintelligible through the snot and insanity) tales of what each one was. He requested we capture this one on film for some very important reason. Like it was fluffy. And moving across the sky. You know, a cloud.


I'm not sure who the other kid is, but throughout the game, Noah took his soccer cues from him. I guess he looked like he knew what he was doing. Because I have never seen Noah "at the ready" before. Last year, he seriously was the kid picking dandylions off the field. When he wasn't busy asking if it was snacktime yet. I'm so proud to see him actually playing soccer and not just playing.


I guess he realized that he's not going to win on his athleticism alone, so he felt compelled to talk some trash to the other team. Actually, I think he was saying hi to a friend on the other team. But talking trash sounds much more sport-ish.


And at the end of the game, win or lose, there's nothing like a hug from your biggest little fan.


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Jeanne said...

Way to go, Noah!!! Wish I could have been there...well, except for the cold weather part.

Love, Dani