Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday, Uncle David!

My "oldest" brother (he's older than my other brother, but younger than me; how do you clearly express that?) is the big 2-8! Because of prior party commitments, we were not able to stay for the celebratory lunch at Olive Garden, but we did stop by and switch some kids around. I wish I had taken more pictures, especially since we haven't seen David and Maggie much lately, but I tried not to make it all about me. The big sister in me still likes to boss just a wee bit. It was enough that my kids took over the scene, so I tried to be as un-obnoxious with the posing and picture-taking as possible. I have high hopes that we will see the aunts and uncles more this summer. I have a feeling they'll come visit more, if not to see us, at least to hold the baby! (See how I've made David's birthday post all about me?)

So, back to the birthday and family...

Some middle child bonding (L) and Dani, Noah, David & Jack (R)


Madeline with her Dani and Poppi

IMG_0301a IMG_0302a

My pitiful, sickly Jack...I'm sorry he's sick, but OH, the snuggles.

Love me some snuggles!



Jeanne said...

It was a fun time together! I'm glad you were able to be there for a little while. It is rare these days when the whole family is able to get together...but I treasure those times. I love being surrounded by all my kids (including the ones by marriage) and grandkids. Can't get enough of the craziness!

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Your kids are SO cute. I love Heather's comment about you looking like one of the siblings and not their Mama. I agree. You are beautiful! Do you moisturize or what =)??? That motherly glow =)!