Monday, April 14, 2008

Jack "plays soccer"

Jack was pumped about his first soccer game this weekend. Unfortunately, he got to sit through Noah's soccer pictures, Noah's game, his own team's soccer pictures...


...and then, no game. His team, "The Dolphins", played but poor Jack got a trip to the pediatrician's office instead. Of course he told everyone there that he won his soccer game, so missing it wasn't too devastating for him. And also he had found his beloved Batarang (a bat-shaped boomerang used by Batman) that morning--middle photo--so really, nothing could bring him down. He'd coughed some during the night before, and then sitting in the cold wind at Noah's game didn't help, but he was wheezing pretty badly by the time he got through his soccer pictures. His game was supposed to start at 10:30 but the doctor's office drop-in hours end at 11, so we hustled ourselves on out there while Daddy went back to work. Sure enough, he needed an albuterol breathing treatment (aka "elephant nose") at the office and we went home with some allergy/decongestant Rx samples and a script for more albuterol. His doctor thinks the breathing problems are allergy-induced, since last time he had it was in the fall when his allergies got bad. And he'd had an allergy attack (itchy, watery eyes and nose after playing outside) at school on Thursday before the breathing trouble on Saturday. So far the treatments have worked and we haven't had to move up to steroids, so I'm praying that continues to work. Because, frankly, I don't think I can handle Jack...on steroids. That just sounds like a nervous breakdown waiting to happen.


Jeanne said...

Jack on steroids...hum...this would not be good. :)

I'm so glad Jack "won his game"! Reminds me of the time Maddy went to Disney World while Noah stayed at Pa-Pa's with us and later remembered going himself.

Amy said...

I hope allergy treatments work for Jack -- asthma is no fun.

I got to experience a few days of Ethan on steroids (for a strange, as yet unexplained, severe allergic reaction). His feet had swelled so bad he couldn't walk. It's a good thing the steroids took care of that b/c I'm convinced he would have levitated if he couldn't have run. He's normally a bundle of energy, but hyped on steroids he just Bless his sweet little heart!