Friday, April 25, 2008


Busy Season is OVER!! Jack and Daddy celebrated with a horsey ride...


Noah climbing "super-high"


Madeline fanning herself with a magnolia leaf. I'm always amazed at the different ways they use those nice big leaves. Jack uses them as the "tortilla" for his "rock taco". They make great scoops. But of course Princess uses hers to cool herself in the hot shade :) I'm surprised she hasn't recruited a brother to do this for her...yet.


Noah trying to be a big brother and give Jack a piggy-back ride. It would help if he had more than ONE pound and TWO inches on his little brother!


Jack loves his Superman cape from makes whooshing flying sounds and kapow fighting sounds. Unfortunately, it was not made to be taken on and off seventy eleven times a day and the latch broke. So it hangs there sadly. But he will not give it up. In typical Jack fashion, he has paired it with a lovely Batman short set.


Jack had just spotted "a spider". I think it was a fly of some sort, but he was convinced that if he moved, it would eat him. So he stood like this for quite some time, only moving his eyes. I obviously have not exploited his fear of spiders to get him to obey, but I may have to resort to that soon, as it appears to be the only way to ever get him still and/or quiet! Well, that and the Leapster Batman game, which I used to bribe him to be good Wednesday, and have now paid for dearly for two days straight. That is ALL he would ever do if I would let him. I think 3 is a little young to be fighting crime 24/7.


Jack's other favorite toy: the "wight saver". It appears to aid him in listening through the doors to see if Noah Vader is on his way...


Look at that green, green grass! I guess the not mowing it for weeks after it needed it was a legitimate lawn care strategy, oh dear busy husband! Noah loves these Spiderman/Sandman walkie talkies he got from Dani and Poppi for Christmas. Once he got tired of talking on them to Jack and Maddy, he has loved just playing with them as action figures. I don' t usually let him play with them outside, so I made him take them in...after snapping some pictures!


The adventerous Madeline. This is is seriously as high as she goes in the tree. She is her mama's daughter.


And this is what all that outside play costs little Jack. Thankfully, we don't have it as rough as Tiffany's poor kids right now, but we are back to breathing treatments (or "my elephant nose") with Jack. Ever since soccer started, he has had terrible allergies. The breathing thing seems to be a spring/fall thing, so I'm not sure how long this will last, but for now he's down from every 2-3 hours a couple of weeks ago (and the threat of steroids, which we thankfully avoided!) to a couple of times every couple of days, depending on how much he's outside and, I guess, what all is in the air that day. He handles it like a pro, so I can't complain. It means he gets to watch tv (turned up REALLY loud to hear over the nebulizer), so of course, he's up for that anytime. This day his left eye was really red and watery and I was afraid he might have pink-eye, but I guess it must have been allergy-related too, since it went away on its own. We were supposed to be at his soccer game when this picture was taken, but he was obviously in no shape to play. He has yet to actually play a game, so we'll see what this weekend holds!


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Jeanne said...

I love all the outside pictures of the cutest grandkids ever (so far...)

Poor Jack! At least he's a tough little allergy boy and doesn't seem to mind the breathing treatments.

Love, Dani