Saturday, January 26, 2008

You might be a redneck if... use grocery sacks (I'm talkin' Walmart or Kroger, not Whole Foods or anything) as insulation!

Our converted one-car garage, "the downstairs", which functions as playroom, office, mudroom, and storage area, leaks air like nobody's business. Not that our other 53-year-old windows don't too, but this is bad. It's FU-REE-ZING down there. Well, Jared got the bright idea that bubble wrap might provide some insulation on our ginormous window (think solid glass garage door here). Actually, he first tried to put it on our front windows in the living room, which I thankfully talked him out of. We compromised and he gets to put it on back windows only. Well, the bubble wrap on the window isn't too's not immediately obvious from the outside, and no one really checks out the back of our house anyway. But now he's moved on to grocery sacks...stuffed in the knotty-pine paneling (that's another issue--apparently orange shellac was the only stain available in 1955), the doors, and now on the window of the doors. It's bad. Ricky-Bobby-bad. My-Name-Is-Earl-bad. I'm pretty easy-going, but is this over-the-top? Yep, I thought you'd agree. I love my husband, and he's right that it's cold, and he's even right that the grocery sacks seem to help some. But give a girl a break. Thanks for letting me vent. And thanks, Hannah, for the picture of Wesley licking his snotty've reminded me that it's not always peachy and THAT'S OKAY!! Hey, Mom and Dad, when can you return the wrecked '93 Civic we loaned you? Jared needs to get it up on blocks ASAP. (Just kidding...I hope!)

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