Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jack of all trades

A day in the life of Jack...actually just a couple of hours' worth! I realize I have tons of pictures of him and not so many of the big kids because he's with me almost all the time and they're gone SO much of the time at school. I really miss them and those precious (though sometimes neverending and exhausting) days I had them home with me! In a perfect world, they would go to school for a couple of hours, learn what they need, and come home for the rest. But (A) that's not an option in our school system, and (B) I'm not sure I REALLY have the patience, as much as I WANT to have the patience, to teach them all they need to learn! Anyway, back to Jack...

He found this piece of fabric of Maddy's (she has pieces in 3 shades of pink...her mom and Dani like to buy random fabric) and insists it is his cape. This was yesterday (Friday) and he decided he wanted it tied over his head. I'm not sure what kind of pirate or superhero he was envisioning, but it looked more like Mary to me!

For his next act, Jack found a piece of Noah's uneaten healthy breakfast (yes, it's a pop-tart) on the kitchen table, paired it with a snowman candle plate he found, and voila! Well, of course, he's serving communion! He came up to me with his sweet voice, tiptoeing, and said, "Mom, this is Jesus' body, we have to be very careful." I LOVE it! Then he of course proceeded to pinch tiny pieces off of it, offering it to me or eating it himself. This is one of his new favorite things. He asks for crackers just so he can put them on these little plates he found. PRE-CIOUS!!

And finally, Lord Licorice...from the Candyland movie. He's the villain, but Jack's favorite character. He has enjoyed using Maddy's "scepter". I think it's hilarious that he thinks he's a bad guy wearing a shiny pink cape with a shiny pink scepter. At least he's got Captain Hook on his hat to lend him some credibility as a villain!

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