Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas Eve with friends

We traditionally get together with Jared's "brothers", Jon & Patrick, and their families sometime around Christmas. The kids (and girls!) exchange gifts. The guys felt left out this year, so maybe they'll do gifts next year...I'm sure they will all be car-related. Our kids love their "aunts", "uncles", and "cousins" since they have none on Jared's side. We're blessed to be part of this extended family!

Jack & Willow, looking all cute and mischeviousEthan, big Jack, Willow, Madeline, little Jack & Noah
They've all gone bonkers! Noah enjoying his superhero treasures
Silly Daddy! Silly JackE!
Madeline's blanket made with love by Aunt Crystal
Jack (wearing Noah's shirt) the werewolf
Jack and his Aunt Crystal

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