Saturday, January 19, 2008


So we finally have entered the world of somewhat-high-speed internet. We have had dial-up until early this morning when Jared finished setting up our DSL Lite. WOW. Now you understand why I've been posting all day :) Here's one (probably) last one for today.

I occasionally (okay, once before today, when Jared left his laptop at home and I "borrowed" some neighbor's's not like it's secured and I hacked in, but still...) visit the blogs of people I totally do not know who are linked through people I actually do know whose blogs I read. So I was doing that today (because I can!) and Amy B's brother, who works for Christian Chronicle, has a very funny blog. They recently had their first child and some of his past posts include the tracking of the unborn child's growth as documented by, which I also use. This is where "Blueberry" came from. Anyway, he has a list of the baby growth comparisons, which really just saved me a ton of time going back and listing them (and the idea of using wikipedia to show examples)...I am easily amused, but I think some of them are pretty funny. The kids ask me almost daily what we're on. I guess it's useful having something they grasp the size of instead of just inches or ounces.

Week 4: poppy seed
Week 5: sesame seed
Week 6: lentil bean
Week 7: blueberry (Now, it's all making sense!) Week 8: kidney bean Week 9: grape
Week 10: kumquat (Ok, so this one didn't help us much...)
Week 11: fig
Week 12: lime
Week 13: medium shrimp (Was this really the best option? It's kinda gross either way, but the "food" pic looked better than the "creature" pic)
Week 14: lemon
Week 15: apple
Week 16: avocado
Week 17: turnip
Week 18: bell pepper
Week 19: large heirloom tomato (Could you be more specific? I'm going to guess the "large" one)
Week 20: banana (This is comparable to the length, not so much the overall shape)
Week 21: carrot (I'm guessing a really big carrot? Or maybe last week was a small banana. Because I view those as pretty much the same in size...but maybe it's just me. After checking Wikipedia, apparently there's quite a variety.)

So, I know you'll now be waiting in anticipation for the weekly update. I'm not sure why it makes me happy to think of my unborn child as a fruit/vegetable, but it does. So there.


Deaton, party of 5 said...

That's great (and tasty too). You're certainly in our prayers at this time. Love you friend!

Deaton, party of 5 said...
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Lydia's Mom said...

I am so excited that it is another boy! I love your kiddos, they are so darn cute, smart, creative, and funny! I can't wait to hear funny stories on this Luke Skywalker or Stick! I am praying for both of you during these coming weeks! Love and miss you!