Monday, January 21, 2008

Home for the holiDAY

We're out of school today for MLK Day and it was perfect timing. Maddy woke up at 6 this morning, sick from both ends, if you know what I mean. So, she gets the couch in the living room. She wouldn't get on it until I had made it up like a bed...sheets covering everything, including pillows, and a quilt. She made it for several hours without incident, even drinking some lemonade Gatorade. Then I suggested a few saltines and she talked me into goldfish instead. I should have known better. Five minutes later, she was back at square one. Still holding down Gatorade, though, so we'll just stick to that for a while. She's being good about it...She hasn't been whiny or complaining. Guess she doesn't feel good enough for that. Poor baby!
So the boys have been relegated to the "downstairs" (it's the original one-car garage that was converted to a den/mudroom/'s down 2 1/2 steps from the kitchen, but when we moved here the kids started calling it the downstairs, so that's what it is) with its one recliner. They made do as they settled in to watch "Curious George" together with their pirate sheet and shared pillow.
This lasted all of about 5 minutes, because Noah (can't you see the mischief in his eye) wouldn't stay in one position. Little Jack just wanted to suck his thumb and be good, but soon got caught up in the action and it was a full-out rough-and-tumble wrestling match. And we're in for MORE of this?? Prayers (and monetary donations toward my mental health care) are appreciated.


Deaton, party of 5 said...

Hope the boys by-pass the bug! Poor Maddie!!!!

Jeanne said...

Poor Maa-Maa...Hope she's feeling better on Tuesday. Look at those cute little boys in that chair! Yes, you can see the mischief in Noah's eyes...he's eager to get started with the wrestling, isn't he? I've missed my "babies" this week!

Michael and Hannah said...

Poor Maddie! What a horrible way to spend a day off of school! Your boys make me laugh... their pics capture how absolutely full of ENERGY they are! Don't worry - the next little man Smalling is sure to be Mr. low key!

Amy said...

Just wanted to tell you I LOVE your playlist. Great music!
Hope everyone's better. I'm sure sick kiddos and a pregnant mama is a bad mix.