Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mom's surgery recovery

I'm such a bad daughter! My mom had surgery a week ago yesterday and I didn't even mention it on here! I talked to her in real life and even went to visit the next day, but I can't believe I forgot to blog a prayer request...Anyway, she's doing great and you can see her post on it here. Some of you GWP folks may have known, so I thank you for your prayers. Also, please keep the Whites in your prayers as Dad prepares to return to Honduras for the start of another academic year at Baxter. I haven't heard dates yet, but I think he will go back next week and mom will wait and go a week or so after that. And of course prayers for Baxter, the clinic, and everyone involved and touched by that ministry are always appreciated! It is a great work. You can find out more from Mom's Honduras blog or the Association Amicus (Baxter Institute/JMA Clinic) website.

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