Wednesday, January 9, 2008

White Christmas

I'm probably posting more pictures than anyone cares to see...but I'm still posting them! Once again, all of the White family were able to be at the White house on Christmas Eve together. Even Libby, the dog, who may not have too many Christmases left. The present opening was a little crazier than last year (which was unusually calm, but we couldn't figure out why so we could recreate that this year!), but the finger-foods were delicious...the presents were fun, too.

Poppi knows the rules: If you get in the floor, my kids WILL climb on you...

Madeline enjoying "The Polar Express"
Aunt Sarah helping Noah with his Leapster
Mad Maddy was not in the mood for pictures After a couple of pictures, Noah decided he'd had enough seriousness (yes, that's his foot in the's his new favorite attention-getter...he's definitely a middle child!)
Jack "smiling like Superman" and Maddy almost ready to admit she's having fun
Superman was ready to open his presents!
Noah was not pleased with the change in seating
Uncle Pip & Aunt Sarah (it took almost as many shots to get them not being silly as it did the kids!)
Uncle Dobie & Aunt Maggie with Liberty Gretel White, aka "Libby"
David & Maggie
Poppi & Noah
Poppi & Dani--that excited face is exactly like one in a picture of her in the "getaway" car after their wedding! (Poppi's Christmas pants were from the grandkids, which is why he's "business on the top, party on the bottom")
Madeline opening the present Dani promised would make her night better...
...and it did! She got Samantha!!!
Noah rockin' out on his guitar
David with Jack and his pirate tub toys
Noah's Spiderman/Sandman walkie talkies...
...Daddy had fun with them too...
...and so did Uncle Pip!
Maddy's first sewing machine (Barbie, of course)...thank goodness she has Dani to teach her since mine is in the attic! Now Mom has gotten sewing machines for all of her girls (Maggie, Sarah, Maddy & me).
Aunt Maggie's cute bows... ...She even decorated Libby...
...and Uncle Dobie (at Maddy's request)! That Maggie is so creative.Jared trying to convince Jack that Libby is not scary. He says "She's not scary, you can just pet her, she won't bite you, just lick" but he's ALL talk.
Maddy, Samantha, and Maggie

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Deaton, party of 5 said...

I love the photo with "mad" Maddie. Karson can strike the same pose =). It looks like you all had a wild Christmas like us. Miss you friend.