Saturday, January 19, 2008

A selfish prayer request

You can see from the Blueberry (I'm calling him Little Boy Blue now, although I don't think "Blue" is going to make it as a name...we'll see) ticker, I'm about 21ish weeks along. Although we had a great ultrasound, and I'm feeling lots of kicking, I was also in exactly this position at 21 weeks with Ruby. So, needless to say, these next few weeks are a little uncertain for me. I try to remind myself of all the truths I know...and also that I successfully carried 3 previous babies to full term plus some. So odds are that everything will be normal, but getting past 24 weeks will be a relief, I hope.

I'm doing alright most of the time, but if you think of it, I'd appreciate your prayers for our strength of mind to not give in to worry and fear, which I know are how Satan wants me to spend these next few weeks. I'm not a worrier by nature, THANK GOD, but I can see it trying to creep in. And I know I'm more stressed than I realize right now because I've been taking it out in lack of patience (read: yelling and general ugliness) with my family (husband and kids) and probably been more needy than normal with my friends. Not to mention the normal pregnancy hormone roller coaster. I'm so grateful for this pregnancy, though my sweet Ruby is never far from my thoughts. Thanks for thinking of me.

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Amy said...

Prayers for you. I lost a baby at around 12 weeks. Though it's not at all the same as what you went through, I understand your worry. My pregnancy with Luke was filled with a lot of anxiety, I think because of that loss. I'm praying for peace for you.
Erik will be glad you enjoyed his humor.