Thursday, January 31, 2008

Silly kids...

A rare evening when instead of the scheduled 5:00-meltdown, the kids actually started getting along BETTER. Even *they* realized this was unusual, as they begged me to take pictures to document it! The serious pictures didn't work out so much, but they were pretty excited about the silly ones, as you can see.

When told to pick up the blocks (which by the way, Maddy got for her 2nd birthday--they've lasted 6 years and are still one of the most consistently played with toys), they were very excited that they obeyed (they're in the box) AND made a "birthday cake"! Nothing warms my heart more than them (a) working together, and (b) having fun being kids!! Little stinkers, I love 'em! (Maddy took this picture, which is why she's not in it--she helped, though.)

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Deaton, party of 5 said...

I'm glad to hear that your on the road to recovery in your house. We are too (slowly). I'm looking forward to some warm weather!!!