Monday, February 11, 2008

Jack at bedtime

To say he is a strange child would be putting it mildly. Obviously, as I tucked him in, when I asked what song he wanted before prayer, he was already off in his own world...

Jack: "Who was that girl with makeup at the rest'rant?

Me: What restaurant?

J: Where I eat dat pizza.

M: What girl? The waitress?

J: No, that girl with makeup.

M: I don't know. Are you ready to sing "Old Macdonald?"

J: It was Dani.

M: Oh, right, I remember now! (laughing because we met Dani at Macar.oni Grill for lunch right before she went back to Honduras and Jack had pizza)

J: We ate pizza.

M: Was it good?

J: Yes, it was good. Not bad. Poop is bad. We don't eat bugs. Spiders only eat bugs. And sharks don't eat fish. [Nemo reference, b/c Maddy had just read the book to him] If they do, they can't play with them. Goodnight, Mommy. You can sleep in your own bed.
His stream of consciousness cracks me up. I guess like most of us, when he lays down at the end of the day, he reflects on what he's learned throughout the day. He cracks me up with the things he remembers or that stand out to him.
By the way, the picture is supposed to be of his new haircut, but the orange shellac cabinets don't make a great background :) Also, his mouth is blue from the lollipop he had for sitting still to get his hair cut!

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Jeanne said...

Wacky Jacky! Your little random thinking and the way you express yourself is just a small part of why I love you so much!

Oh, and I just love your cute hair cut...

Hugs and Kisses,

Your Dani