Friday, February 22, 2008


Noah's had a rough few weeks of school...yes, kindergarten. I know, I know. It's kindergarten. He had a GREAT first semester, but after Christmas, the sugar-high just didn't go away. Or something like that. Anyway, after many beatings threats encouragements from us, he seems to have had a better week this week. Meaning instead of "playing with his supplies and not doing his work, fidgeting with things, talking to others, or getting started and then drifting off" (actual quote from his teacher), he did his super-tough, hard-core Kindergarten work. Seriously, we are very proud of our super-buddy!!

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Jeanne said...

Noah, I am so very proud of you for getting a "Super Buddy" heart this week at school! You're such a good, big boy and I know you are trying very hard to do such a good job at school.

Keep up the good work!

I love you!!! xxxooo