Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm all pictured-out after my marathon-posting the last few days...

But Jack is still keeping me in stitches. This afternoon he was playing outside when the garbage truck came by. I know he's seen it before, but you would think we were at Dis.neyworld! He just kept yelling, "THAT is AWESOME!!" over and over. It's the little things, folks. Let's be thankful today for all the special people in our lives, even the garbage men (or sanitation workers, or whatever it's politically correct to call them)!


Deaton, party of 5 said...

You are so right! I make a special effort to wave and give a smile to these kind folks who do all the "dirty work" in our neighborhood. We certainly are blessed here in AMERICA.

Jeanne said...

Amen to the comment above...we are extremely blessed in America! Now, they do pick up our trash every week here in Honduras, but some days they go through it all first...opening every single see what "goodies" they might find.

Jack, that's so sweet that you like the garbage men and their truck so much! You are just easily entertained, aren't you?

That kind of reminds me of how excited Uncle David used to get over little things like....mashed potatoes for dinner... :)

I love you!