Monday, February 11, 2008

A rare moment...

It seems like lately, there is a lot more sibling rivalry in our house than peace. Blog readers don't get the full view of this, since I rarely run to grab my camera when things are falling apart :-) The grandparents see the "real" us!
The kids really do love each other, but Madeline gets tired of little brothers wanting to mess up her dolls, borrow her Ameri.can Girl catalog, stand directly in front of the television when "Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman"--PBSKids--is on, or swipe her pink blankies to use as capes.
Noah is usually just looking for someone to play a board game with him or for some peace and quiet, and a hard floor, to set up his army of Res.cue Heroes/miscellaneous action figures, and doesn't handle "no" or interruptions well. And JackE is busy either messing up dolls/action figures, swiping a blankie for use as a cape, or trying to wrestle (aka play superheroes) with Noah against his will.
A lot of the problem is that, being selfish little people, they just do what they want without bothering to ask others if they want to participate. But every great once in a while, someone actually *asks* another for something and everyone works together. And this happened with NO guidance from me. It's sad that this is so exciting. Probably in some houses it's a normal occurance. Let's just hope it happens again before the year is over :-)

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S. said...

Precious! They'll love these pictures later, too.