Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let it snow!

Because I'm so jealous of Hannah's beach pictures from *yesterday*, I'm posting pictures from here this morning. Jack's still drinking his "warm cocoa" and my fingers are still a little numb.

I ran just inside the door of the house to turn on the news and make sure our schools weren't out...maybe 30 seconds that he was actually out of my sight, and I came out in time to see him on his hands and knees on the front walk, licking the snow. When he saw me, he jumped up and started saying, "Ooh, yuck. We don't lick snow!" It appears that some of us DO.

Jack said, "I'm just gonna sit right here until the snow stops." He lasted about 2 seconds...and it's still snowing. Not exactly a blizzard, I'm sure it will be melted within the hour, but it was fun while it lasted! It's the best we've had so far this season, so we figured we'd better play while we could. Unfortunately, it started JUST as we were loading up the big kids for school, so they got to walk from the car line to school in it, but that was it. All the schools around us are closed, but being "metro" and having no real rural areas in our district, our schools are still open (woo-hoo!). Hope you're enjoying the weather wherever you are! :)


Jeanne said...

Glad Jack got to enjoy a little snow...sorry it wasn't enough for snow cream!

Lydia's Mom said...

I just spent some time reading all your last few blogs. I love your kids and admire you so much for being such an awesome mom! You are so good at it (I could have bet that you would have been). Your kids are so funny. I do know where they get it. I can remember some funny times with their parents not too long ago! I have fell in love with your children as I try to read weekly. I am praying for this new little boy and love his new u/s pics. He looks just like a Smalling kid. I am glad that you all had some snow to play in. I know that Jack is really enjoying having Mommy to himself in the day while the others are at school. I do hope we can get together when the weather gets better. I would love to drive down for the day while you and Jack are having some fun times.