Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Semi-annual mini-van clean-out

**I had already posted this when Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer set up a "What's in Your Car?" carnival**

1 Sonic bag containing misc trash

3 binders (Jared)

4 Bibles (1 Madeline, 1 Jared, 2 Melanie)

1 bag of Target returns

4 purses (3 Melanie, 1 Madeline)

1 pair unopened soccer socks (season ended this week)

5 various lipbalms

2 cassettes

1 coupon for 99cent Sonic onion rings

1 Mother's Day card from Madeline

286 papers from Bible class

3 backpacks (ALL Jack)

1 First Aid kit

1 Doodle Pirate (unopened)

4 chewed lollipop sticks

1/2 bottle of water

1 Chewbacca (Star Wars) sports bottle

1 empty Kool-Aid koolers bottle

1 granola bar wrapper

6 EMPTY Walmart sacks (in various locations)

2 Sonic tater tot boxes (empty)

1 Wendy's nugget box (empty)

various activity/coloring/reading books

42 Goldfish (in various states of crush-ed-ness)

37 pieces of popcorn from Target

2 lunchboxes (fortunately empty--Jack)

1 pair flip-flops (Melanie)

1 Superman cape (Jack)

1 shoe (Noah)

4 socks (none matching--Jack and Noah)

1 umbrella

3 cars

1 broken flashlight

2 unopened trial size tubes of toothpaste

2 bouncy balls

3 NEW sticky spots on floorboards

APPROXIMATELY 742,000,000 crumbs/paper particles/crushed leaves

Yep, everything is completely under control. If only we had just ONE MORE kid...

(Please send help now. Or a masseuse. Or a maid. Really, it's up to you.)


Kelsey S said...

Too funny! I should do this some time!


Jeanne said...

Oh, Melanie...I'm so glad you've still got your sense of humor! That was hilarious!

Can't wait for the "if only" kid to arrive...

Love, Mama

S. said...

i kept an empty walmart bag in the back seat 'in case of morning sickness emergencies.' luckily, i haven't had to use it! if it makes you feel any better, i don't have any kids (well, not that mess up my car yet) and my 4Runner probably has at least that much stuff in it.

Lydia's Mom said...

Ok Mel, I read this post at exactly 20 min after my Car had a trip to the "Regal Clean Sweep" I have only paid to get my car cleaned in and out one time over the past 3 years that I have had it. I even bargained with the guys. I wanted the cheapest thing that they could do to transform it!

I so understand....My trunk and car is a little storage building- I am vowing today that I will keep it clean (for atleast today!). Wanna be my accountabilty partner?

Lady Why said...

Trail sized toothpaste! I like it! That was the one thing I didn't find in my van. Of course, it trial sized toothpaste had been in my van it certainly would have been opened and squished into the carpet!

Worlds Greatest Mommy said...

I found a chewed lollipop stick too. It said, "Proud to be Drug Free." It was from Red Ribbon Week, back in October. It was also right next to a petrified french fry.

Loved your list and your humor.

Jenny said...

This is hilarious! I don't even want to think about what I would find in my vehicle, so I'm not going to look. Ignoring the problem will make it go away, right? Hope the last few days of your pregnancy go well, and that little Luke arrives safely and healthy!