Monday, May 19, 2008

Belated post for Mother's Day

The kids all made cards at school this year for Mother's Day and mommy Madeline kept them all hidden until Sunday. They could not have been more excited about having a surprise for me! It was so cute to see the anticipation of knowing they'd done something "on their own" for me. Here are their precious works of art:

I couldn't believe the only thing she missed was my height. I was thrilled to find out that she knows I love me a spa day and that she remembers that I say, "God will help you anytime" instead of "Get your smarty-pants to your room RIGHT now", or some other much less flattering phrase! We also had a good laugh together over her remembering that one time two years ago when I wouldn't take her to Rainforest Cafe because the smell there makes me sick when I'm pregnant! I love that she knows me so well!!

Madeline Mother's Daya

And then there's Noah. Can you tell that writing is not his thing? The boy can read like nobody's business (for a kindergartener) but if he never had to write or draw again, that would be fine with him! He would be the star student if there was a grade for finding slugs, disturbing anthills, or killing houseflies with his bare hands. I'll have to translate:

Mom's name is Melnee. (close enough!)

Mom is 30 yrs old. (yep!)

Mom weighs 100 pounds. (OH HOW I WISH)

Mom is 60 inches tall. (He and Maddy must have discussed this beforehand)

Mom wears a size 8 1/2 shoe. (yep!)

Mom's favorite color is pink. (Maddy said yellow, but I do like both colors)

Mom loves to go shopping at Walmart. (Can't believe he didn't say Target. Maddy would've said Target!)

Mom's favorite place to eat out is Las Palmas. (yep!)

Mom likes to buy me toys. (this happens so rarely, but I do enjoy it)

When Mom grows up she wants to be a worker. (??)

Mom loves me because I love her. (He has NO idea.)

Noah Mother's Daya

Obviously, this is a portrait of me on the left and him on the right. These are the most life-like people he has ever drawn. The boy makes up the most elaborate and creative songs and stories, but sketch artist he is not! I'm so thankful for this picture of's a rare thing coming from him, and thus even more precious!

Noah Mother's Day pica

And finally, Jack's art from Mother's Day Out--I love the fun hand print art they do with those precious little hands (and that his teachers get to clean up the painting mess instead of me!!). Seriously, it's totally worth tuition just to outsource the painting to someone else. I can handle glue, scissors, games, dirt, food and all kinds of kidly messes, but paint just ain't my thang. They do have the cool "dot paints" which they used to make the flowers, so I might have to invest in some of those for the summer because both Jack and Noah LOVE them.

Jack Mother's Daya

Maybe the paint would be worth it just to get these adorable faces of concentration...





Amy said...

I am with you on the painting. I love that Luke is painting at school and I'm not dealing with the mess, though I do deal with stained clothes. Guess I'll have to step up the painting this summer. We have the dot paints and they are very clean and pretty fun.
And the smell at Rainforest Cafe makes me sick too.

Michael and Hannah said...

So sweet! Happy Mother's Day, Melanie!

Jeanne said...

Awww...those were great mother's day gifts from the kiddos! Very sweet!

I know what you mean about the "faces of concentration". I think those are some of my favorite little grandkid faces.

It's still hard for me to believe that my baby girl is old enough to celebrate Mother's Day...But you certainly qualify with those sweet munchkins!!!

I love you!


Lydia's Mom said...

Happy Mother's Day (belated)
I love your childrens' thoughtfullness and how well they do know their momma! I can't wait until I get to see some sweetness like this from Lydia. You are truly blessed, my friend!

I am getting so anxious to hear stories about LUKE! He will be so precious and so lucky to have such a F-U-N family!