Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Messy = Busy (Potato = Potahto)

**I hope anyone who reads this knows that my kitchen WOULD look constantly like this FOR NO GOOD REASON (as opposed to Maggie, who was doing a catering job) if I had access to this many pots/pans/dishes! Hers at least looks pretty and shiny (in a great looking kitchen), with all the stainless steel...mine is plastic cups and plates (and ugly countertops) which is why I will NOT be posting my mess! I love you, Maggie Jean!**

Here's a great post from my sis (in-law) Maggie...she's blogging daily in May, so check her out!

The post fits in with the recent laundry/paper piles we've been sharing. I wish I had that many dishes to dirty up! Don't miss the great recipes she shares in the post!!

There's also a cute picture of Liberty Gretel White "Libby", their Boston Terrier who lived at our house growing up. We're so thankful she's found such a loving home with David and Maggie. Libby's deaf, blind, has arthritis and the worst case of halitosis I've ever smelled (despite her caregiver's best efforts!), but they love her and care for her daily. Thanks guys, I couldn't have done it!!


Maggie Jean White said...

Don't worry, it looks like that 95% of the time... i don't always need a "good" reason to make a mess. hee hee

Michael and Hannah said...

I'm tempted to post a "I'll show you mine if you show me yours" challenge on my blog, and ask everyone to take a picture of their living rooms and kitchens at noon every day for the next 5 days and post them so I can see if I'm normal or completely inadequate. Only problem is that my mother-in-law checks my blog on a daily basis, and she kept a PERFECT house her entire life, even when her boys were toddlers (or so they say... I'm still suspicious). I think they spent a lot of time sitting in their high chairs while she cleaned! Anyway, I wear myself ragged before her visits creating the illusion that I keep my house clean, and I can't bear to expose myself! I feel guilty sometimes for not exposing my flaws on my blog like other moms, but my mom-in-law is such a serious fixer of all things, that she wouldn't be able to sleep at night until we came up with a plan for improving things. She seriously doesn't get sharing for the sake of sharing (can you tell she never had a daughter?!). When I make jokes about my inadequecies, she thinks I'm wanting her to brainstorm solutions. Love her, but makes it hard to be real on my blog!