Saturday, May 3, 2008

Creepy Crawlies


We've hit the creepy crawly jackpot this spring. We brought the baby carrier/carseat home from Memaw and Grandaddy's garage and it was full of caterpillars! Noah is in little boy heaven. I especially like the one on the left, with the turquoise color. Noah names all of his caterpillars "Callie" know, like "callipillar"? Jack names his "Carl". I think we have the same 4 or 5 caterpillars that are discovered and then returned to the grass day after day.

And speaking of creepy crawlies, Noah caught three "houseflies" today with his bare hands. We're so proud.


Jeanne said...


I can see where Noah gets "Callie"...everybody knows they're called callipillars...but where did Jack come up with Carl?

Love those boys!


Michael and Hannah said...

Bugs, bugs, bugs... bring on boy #3! Ha!

Amy said...

How great that Noah's new hobby is so useful!
And I'm a little bit tired of Channel 4 showing off that 3-D storm tracker. It's nice and all, and we know they're the only channel in the area that has one, but let's move on.

Melanie said...

Yes, Amy, agreed. And they crack me up showing every storm from the past year IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY on that thing, just to show how YOU CAN SEE IT TOUCH THE GROUND. I'm sure that's helpful to those folks in Kansas leveled by the storm that's already passed.