Friday, May 30, 2008

Pictorial update

I don't have a lot of pictures from recent weeks, but here are a few, mostly of Jack because he requests I take pictures of most everything he ever does.

Here's Noah expressing how he feels about being a FIRST GRADER now:


Noah with his classmates, lining up for their next-to-last-day as Kindergarteners:


That's his teacher, Mrs. Tucker, on the right, who has been wonderful this year! Madeline had her for kindergarten, too, and we are so thankful for all she's taught our kids in so many ways!!


I'm not sure why I would be compelled to share this un-made-up, deer-in-headlights self-portrait, except to share that Jack now refers to me, and baby Luke, interchangeably as "Big Bewwy" (belly). That's pretty much all I feel like lately. One big belly. With some swollen limbs tacked on for good measure. Really, I don't mean to complain...I've had a fairly easy pregnancy. And needless to say, I'm thankful it's lasted this long. I guess it would be strange if I was NOT ready to be done with pregnancy!

Speaking of Jack and big bellies...


This strange child fell asleep a few nights ago with his covers tucked up under his shirt. Only Jack knows why. We found him like this when we checked on him before going to bed ourselves. He does have a self-soothing habit of tucking covers [or whatever else he finds, including, but not limited to, tissues (used or new, he's not partial), washcloths, towels, random articles of clothing (clean or dirty, he's not partial)] under his arm while sucking his thumb. I probably have a picture somewhere but I'm too tired to look (honesty here). He looks like he's smiling in this picture, but I assure you he was 100% zonked out.


Jack's last day of mother's day out. Not too sentimental, since he'll have 2 more years of preschool before kindergarten...but still cute.

And now for the JackE show...he saw me putting pictures on the computer and asked if I would take some silly pictures of him. So, of course, I did. But before I do that, I just remembered that yesterday when Mom was visiting, Noah said, very seriously, "My mom works sooooo hard." I thought, Yes, I do and I'm thankful someone finally noticed! This was immediately followed up with, "Yeah, she's always working on the computer. I mean all the time. She just works and works and works. Sometimes she can't even play because she's so busy working!" Ouch. So my computer time will be limited to naptimes and their tv time. Don't want to miss any more opportunities to play superheroes and dinosaurs than what I've apparently already missed...



(We had just been outside and this showcases both how badly he needs a haircut and how sweaty he gets after just a few minutes.)


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Jeanne said...

Glad to see you "working" hard again tonight! :)

That Noah is one cute boy...and funny!

Could Jack's eyes be any bluer?

Maddy and I are having fun here in B.G. We'll sew tomorrow!

Love, Mama