Monday, March 3, 2008

Public Service Announcement from Jack

Now that Jack has had his nap, he could not, in good conscience, go rot his brain watch cartoons without letting us know a few very important things about him.


I am big enuss (enough).

How big are you?

Big enuss to pway bideo games. (Noah's Leapster, which he is, in reality, NOT allowed to play).

How did you get so big?


Is Mommy big, too?

No, you're just a little boy. You can't even play bideo games. Or dress-up.

Poor Mommy.


I sooooo fat.

Mommy is NOT fat.

You can't be fat if you're a grownup. Only kids can be fat, and only if they eat their thood (food).

But Mommy has a baby growing in her tummy, isn't it fat?

No, your tummy is just bigger. NOT fat.

Only kids can be fat, and only if they eat their thood.

You has to wissen (listen).

Yeah, looks like we've got some issues around our house. How 'bout you??

1 comment:

Lydia's Mom said...

He is so insightful! Love his quotes, and I love the sweet Prayer by Noah...."out of the mouth of babes" indeed!

Hope you are doing well!
Will you be in BG anytime soon?