Monday, March 3, 2008

Not quite a winter wonderland...

**There are LOTS of pictures here. Yes, it's possible that something is wrong with me, but at least these include all children and not just Jack. I'm making progress.**

We got a measly amount of snow, but the kids had fun anyway. You know, since they got out of school and all. These of Jack-n-Maddy (that was for Mom) were taken while Noah was searching for his one elusive Superman glove. He was sure it was in the van. Well, it wasn't, but he did manage to not shut the door completely so the interior lights (which I usually keep off completely, but let him use for his search) stayed on and when we tried to go to church that night, we were stuck. Don't worry, Noah joined us later and got plenty of snow time.

The budding paleontologist gave up on trying to make snowballs or make snow angels, but she did find lots of interesting footprints in the snow. (Maybe that's CSI instead of paleontology?)Noah was able to join us, though he never did find his glove. His big sister graciously allowed him to borrow her spare pink cheetah-print gloves. Every big sister should have spare pink cheetah-print gloves. His daddy is so proud.
And the obligatory Jack-with-a-stick photo"Would you PUH-LEASE quit taking my picture and just let me play??""Really, it COULD be from a dinosaur. Or...whatever...a brother""Could you 3 stand by the tree so I can get a picture of you all together?" Technically, they are all *by* the tree...they follow directions so well.
Catching snowflakes on our tonguesWhen did my baby grow up?? She's a beautiful girl, if I do say so myself :)

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