Friday, March 7, 2008


These were taken about 9:30 pm tonight! And it's still coming down! I may not be so excited tomorrow when we can't leave the house, but for now it's pretty exciting!

Noah stayed home sick (yep, stomach bug) today and is still feeling rough tonight. Which is part of why I'm still up. Oh yeah, and the heartburn. And that my crazy husband went out in the elements to help some friends with their taxes and isn't home yet. But mostly because my poor Noah-boy is feeling rough. He's sleeping for the moment, but I have a feeling it will be a long night for both of us. I opened the curtains to show him the snow, and he feels so bad that he could only mumble, "That's great." I hope he feels well enough to play tomorrow...and eat snow cream...and make snow angels...and pelt his siblings with snowballs...and make a snowman. I have high hopes, huh? He'd probably be just as happy to stay inside because tomorrow "The Spectacular Spiderman" debuts (for us, since we don't have cable and those WB cartoons only come on Saturday mornings)! He's been asking if it's March 8th yet for weeks. I thought he was looking forward to my parents' 33rd wedding anniversary :-) Sorry, Dani and Poppi, you've been overshadowed. I'm still thankful for you, though! And I hope that you are enjoying your 70 degree weather!

I'm sure I'll have more snow pics to post tomorrow!!

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