Monday, March 3, 2008

By request...

...Jack's request, that is. The picture taking has gotten out of control, but I know someday I'll be thankful to have so many pictures! And I allow it to continue because (1) it's fun! and (2) I assume that come June 1st or whenever, it will come to an abrupt (hopefully temporary) end! So enjoy some MORE JackE moments...
"I gonna be wike a bat"
"Did you wike my bat? Now I can see da pi'ture?"
"Okay, okay, I can do my bat, dat's my 'arrr' face"
"Now we can be siwwy together, okay, Mommy?"

"Dis is cawwed a 'mmm' face, because it IS cawwed a 'mmm' face"

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