Saturday, February 21, 2009

Everyday blessings

It's been a pretty normal week around here, thankfully. Other than an ear infection for Noah and Luke trying to cut teeth, it's pretty much status quo. Normal being, you know, this: ...and this:

...and then there was this:

...and how can I forget this?

Whew! We are plum tuckered out from all the normal around here!


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Jeanne said...

Oh my goodness, what precious boys! First I laughed...then I cried...I miss them so much and just want to eat that Luke up in his "tuckered out" photo...well...ALL of them!

And little Jack looks like such a big boy in his photo by the that his first day at his new preschool? He's grown since I saw him last!

I don't exactly when this all became your "normal", but I just have 2 words... "Enjoy it!"

You will turn around and they will be grown with babies of their own...

I love you all!