Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, Poppi!

How old is Poppi?
M: 59
N: 47
J: 17

What does he want for his birthday?
M: To live here with us again
N: A football movie
J: A red blanket [This is also what he picked out for him at Christmas!]

What's his favorite kind of cake?
M: Tres Leches
N: chocolate
J: creamy with sparkles [sprinkles] that's white

What do you love most about Poppi?
M: He acts funny and calls me his monkey.
N: That he's silly
J: Playin' with him and lovin'

What do you want to say to Poppi on his birthday?
M: I love you and I hope you have a good birthday! And I hope you get to live here permanently!
N: Happy Birthday! You're the nicest Poppi ever!
J: I love you!


azny said...

hi Melanie..i"am azny from malaysia..

Jeanne said...

So special! I read these to Poppi last night...He loved it AND the video!

Michael and Hannah said...

These birthday interviews are the best! I'm gonna have to steal that idea from you.