Tuesday, February 17, 2009


My friend, Laura Beth, has a great new blog called Momtessori, where she shares fabulous ideas. She probably doesn't even know this, but she was the first person I remember meeting at Lipscomb. I transferred there in Spring 1999 from Harding (where I'd transferred in Fall 1998 from Western KY) and was at an orientation for transfer students that she was leading. I remember what a bubbly, optimistic, genuinely kind and giving spirit she had then...and has for as long as I've known her. I didn't know her beyond that interaction during my time at Lipscomb, but she married the brother of a good friend of ours (whose wife also has a great blog!) and we all went to church together in Nashville, so I got to know her for real :) As you will read from her blogs, she is creative, hilarious, and just all-around precious. Thanks for the wonderful ideas and encouragement, Laura Beth! Check her out!

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Laura Beth said...

You are so sweet . . .Thanks for the shout out! I'm loving your not me Mondays, too. Hilarious! You're keepin' it real! :)