Monday, June 1, 2009

The difference between 7 and 4

Noah: Jack, guess which superhero I am…

Jack: Uh, I don't know.

Noah: He's a DC Comics hero.

Jack: What's DC?

Noah: It's the people who make some of the characters. You know, like Spiderman is Marvel?

Jack: [blank stare]

Noah: Okay, here's another hint, he's the leader of Robin.

Jack: Robin!

Noah: No, he's the *leader* of Robin. Not the *answer* is Robin.

Jack: You mean Robin?

Noah: Uhhhhh! Okay, he has a foe named Joker.

Jack: What does "foe" mean?

Noah: "Foe" means someone who's bad and versus the good guy. {Can he verb the word "versus"?}

Jack: Oh, Joker!

Noah: No, his *foe* is Joker. Not the *answer* is Joker!

Jack: It's Joker!

Noah: Come on, Jack, he's the leader of Robin, he has a foe named Joker, and he's active at night.

Jack: You mean Robin's active at night? Or Joker's active at night.

Noah: Jack, his name starts with Bat and ends with Man.

Jack: Ummm….Joker!

Noah: No, it's Cat Woman, come on! {He's obviously inherited his daddy's sarcasm!}

Jack: Oh, Cat Woman! That's what I thought!

Noah: Uhhhhh! Jack, it's not Cat Woman. Is she the leader of Robin? No. He has pointy ears like this…boom!

Jack: Cat Woman!

Noah: HE, Jack, HE has pointy ears! Cat Woman is a SHE, not a HE! Here, I'll show you this action figure that looks like him…[holds up Batman figure] See?

Jack: OH, you mean Batman?!

Noah: Yes! You got it right, Jack! Great job!


Sarah said...


Michael and Hannah said...

I applaud Noah's patience! Where can I get me some of that???

Laura Beth said...

I'm laughing out loud right now. . . Oh, to be a fly on your wall!!

Melanie said...

These conversations happen all the time in our house...but they usually end abruptly with a wrestling match. I was on the computer already and started transcribing the conversation after the first couple of questions because it was getting funny :) Hannah, Noah usually has ZERO patience with his brother, so this was a rare treat!

Jeanne said...

I have absolutely about laughed myself into a frenzy reading this! And even more so repeating it to your Daddy. I cannot wait to see all 4 of those precious kiddos of yours tomorrow!!!