Friday, May 29, 2009

Praying for Laura

I'm sorry, dear blog, that I have neglected you. Facebook has been taking up most of my computer time, but I am determined to get back to writing and recording here.

Much of the rest of my time has been spent praying for a friend, Laura, who is very ill and hospitalized, suffering from hypermania. She is literally fighting for her life, and her husband {of less than two years--he could use some extra prayers} and parents are seeking guidance in getting her the best care possible so that she can "turn the corner" and come out of this. She has not slept in thirteen plus days, except for a few short bursts, and her mind will not slow down. She is a danger to herself and has had to be shackled once. The nurses are on guard at all times.

I am embarrassingly naive about spiritual warfare, but I cannot help but believe {as does her mother, at the least} that there is a war going on in her. Maybe not for her soul, because I do know that the Bible says we are "sealed with the Holy Spirit", but for her mind and body. And it seems that the more fiercely she is prayed for, and there are thousands praying for her, the more desperate Satan becomes and the more he throws her way. We are trusting that God has the victory! But that saying about "waiting is the hardest part"? Totally true.

So please join me in praying {for Laura, for her husband Clinton, for her parents, and family} for healing, for guidance, for peace, for patience. However you are led. God is already receiving glory through this situation as SO many are united in prayer and seeking Him more than we had been before. Lord, we know YOU CAN, and we believe You when you say, "I AM".


Jeanne said...

Lately I've been pretty preoccupied with packing, cleaning, saying goodbye, organizing, throwing away, giving away, laughing, crying, looking forward...but there has hardly been a minute...not an hour...that goes by that I don't think about Laura and the fight she is in right now.

I pray for her many times throughout the day and feel so emotional whenever I think of her or Clinton or Phil & Teresa or David & Kelly... Many times my prayers seem to go something like this, in my preoccupied state of mind and being right now:

"God...God...Laura...Her name is Laura and she loves you and You love her...God...Laura..."

I love you and your tender heart and your faith, dear daughter.

Michael and Hannah said...

My mom told me about Laura and has asked me to pray... I agree that we can so easily forget that we are in the midst of a battle that Satan is waging for our hearts and minds. I am praying for Laura and am so grateful that she has this army of prayer warriors around her to assist her in battle!