Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Not Me! Monday

NotMeMondayTime once again to take a look at what for sure did not happen in my world this week! Head over to MckMama’s and read more Not Me! tales

This week I did not agree to start writing a column for a women’s group on Facebook that I’m a part of. Nope, that would be crazy. And I certainly do not have NO idea what I’ll write about this week, or even what this column is going to be in general. And I’m definitely not confessing this on my blog now so that members of said group will now know how clueless I really am! Obviously, I’m totally capable and confident in this venture. I’m not absolutely inadequate and I’m surely not just going to have to totally trust God to lend me some inspiration here!

I have not been so overwhelmed by this precious Mother’s Day gift Jared gave me that I can’t even process it, so I haven’t been trying my best not to get emotional and fall apart. I was not so emotional Thursday night when he surprised me with it early {not because my mama and brother and sister were there} that I totally forgot to even thank him because all I could do was sit there and try not to totally lose it.


This is a family necklace he got me after Ruby was born, showing 2 parents with 4 children, but he had a jeweler add a RUBY to it, to represent ALL of us. And even more precious that the ruby is right on the daddy’s heart. To say I kinda love it is like saying the grass is kinda green right now in southcentral KY!

I was not giddy with excitement when my friend, Sarah K, after hearing me comment on a friend’s teenage daughter who is the spitting image of her at that age, told me that Maddy would someday be my spitting image. I also do not love love love Maddy’s hair and her gorgeously shaped mouth.

photos 197a

Okay, maybe she already looks a little bit like me!

I did not make approximately 12 trips to 3 different Walmarts this week {okay, only 6} because I did not make any lists for anything and just went whenever I thought of something else I needed. I also did not stop by the town where baby Georgia {and her lovely parents} lives, without having called her lovely parents beforehand, only to find out they weren’t home! And then I did not proceed to drive around that town {where we used to live}, amazed at all the changes, for no less than 2 hours without actually going anywhere! Gas isn’t that cheap!

I did not take this picture fully intending to someday have an entire series of “brothers kissing Maddy” pictures…because I have one of my brothers kissing me like this at my wedding. I also did not make my sister-in-law get one taken with her brothers kissing her at her wedding! And Maddy and I did not spend several minutes plotting how to arrange it next time so that all three of her brothers can be in the picture :)

IMG_1702a And since you’re dying to know, of course, Noah will be behind her kissing the top of her head and Luke will be kissing the cheek. Oh but wait, she forgot that she absolutely hates when her brothers do this! Can’t you tell??


Jeanne said...

Love it! Hooray, yippie, woohoo!!!! Can you tell I'm excited that you are blogging again??? :)

I could tell you were sort of speechless when Jared gave you the necklace. And anytime you need to "fall apart" when I'm there...go right ahead. That was pretty special! You have a very thoughtful husband!!!

Jeanne said...

Oh, and I am already seeing these pictures of a "young Maddy" displayed, along with the one what, Lord willing, will be taken at her wedding some day...(sigh...)

Love and kisses to all!

Lydia's Mom said...

Wow JS, I am floored that you got such a SPECIAL and perfect gift for your wife. Well I am not floored b/c I didn't know that he was a great guy,I knew that, but I am just floored with the specialness of it! I think that is the sweetest Mommy gift in the whole world! So glad you have the ruby there now close to your heart, just like the daddy's heart! Your Ruby makes that necklace now complete! It made me tear up! Happy mommy's day again to you my sweet friend! You are a great mommy!! And yes, Maddy is YOU!!! So get ready, it will be no time before we see her as a teenager walking around and think "that is exactly what I remember Melanie like in college!"