Thursday, July 3, 2008

My boys

My happy-ness (aka Noah) loves him some "electricity" (he means electronics), especially computer games. When he was in preschool, I was on the computer one time and he said, "Can you go to my place?" I had no idea what he was talking about, so he explained, "You know, www-dot-smalling-dot-com-slash-Noah". There is no such thing, but he was internet-savvy enough to know the formula anyway. Now that we have fast access, he gets to play games at pbskids-dot-org sometimes. Here he is concentrating very hard solving a mystery with Ruff Ruffman.


Although he loves his "electricity", Noah is also quite the reader, which of course makes mommy happy :) He really picked up reading quickly in Kindergarten and now is a pretty fast reader. He cracks me up because he reads most words very well, but just like his Uncle Philip used to do, he gets going so fast that when he comes to the occasional word he does not recognize, he looks at the first letter and then makes something up that starts with that letter and moves on. Although he needs to work on getting the new words right, it does bode well for his future reading abilities, because Uncle Philip is an extremely fast reader and LOVES reading. I'm so proud of my soon-to-be-first-grader!! (Please excuse the creepy looking, bare-chested "Adam"!)



My wacky Jack is wearing a shirt Noah made in preschool with his class's handprints. I thought this was a sweet and rare moment for him when he was (a) STILL, and (b) SEATED. Let's all take some deep breaths and enjoy this moment of silence...


Then there's this little Wookie:


We've finally found this blanket that works well for swaddling such a big, strong baby. I still can't figure out who he looks like. Apparently he's a good mix of all of us because no one can quite decide who he resembles most. Whoever he looks like, we just think he's the cutest thing we've ever seen!


*photos from Sunday, June 29, 2008*


Jeanne said...

Yes, "Wook" is the cutest thing I've ever seen! But then, I remember saying that about all of my chilren and all of my grandchildren, too. I'm sure I'll continue to say that with David's & Maggie's babies and Philip's & Sarah's!

I loved having Noah read to me a couple of days ago...he IS really good!

Wow, little Jackie Wackie sitting and being still and quiet! That's so cute the way he's matching his little hands to the handprints on the shirt.

Maggie Jean White said...

What a cutie! Can't wait to see him tomorrow. Love that little electric boy too! and the pic of jack is too cute!

Michael and Hannah said...

Ahhhh... what sweet photos of Wes, I mean Luke! :o) Very impressive that Noah is such a reader! Wesley loves to play on the computer as well. He loves PBS,,, and Starfall is great for teaching reading, but it sounds like Noah is already ahead of the game! Oh, and we love you too, Jack.

Lydia's Mom said...

Your boys are so sweet. Maddy is lucky to be the head Princess of these Princes'. What fun you must be having. Do you sleep? However you are doing it, I know you are doing it well b/c you are a terrific mother. Can't wait to that big ol' baby in person someday! He is sooooo cute!!!

Deaton, party of 5 said...

He is a cutie (all your boys are). Glad he's such a content baby--I can't imagine him being any other way--you just have the sweetest family!