Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Birthday, USA! 7-4-08

I'm so behind...but determined to catch up, so here I go.

I love, love, love this photo of Madeline. She made this cake with Dani for our White family gathering. It was both festive AND delicious! Aunt Maggie braided her hair, and isn't it adorable?? If I knew how to do it, she would wear her hair like this every day! Enjoy the sweet, angelic Maddy while she lasts...


As soon as the brothers are involved, all bets are off.


Looks like she whipped Noah into shape...and Jack looks a little frazzled!


Uncle David loaned him his Oakleys and Vandy hat...doesn't he look cool?


Then Uncle Philip tried to teach him a "gang" sign (west side), which he is sort of doing with one hand, but he's concentrating so hard on doing the other one. It looks like he's doing some kind of "talk to the hand" expression. He's a bad boy! (The good kind of bad, of course!) Random gang-related digression...when Noah (I think) was little, he would often inexplicably have one pants leg up and one down (much like Jack used to always have one sock on and one sock off), and we started saying, "He's in a gang" because we'd seen something similar on tv. I'm not sure why we have a fascination with gang-related activities, but it seems we do. Anyhoo...


Noah took a turn as photographer and captured me mommy-tasking (thanks, Ashley, for that term!)...rocking baby Luke and eating YUMMY homemade vanilla ice cream from Uncle Philip and Aunt Sarah.


Noah's self-portrait


Uncle Philip, continuing to contribute to the delinquency of my very own minors, gave Noah a tattoo! A temporary (VERY temporary--he scratched it off within an hour) one of an American flag. If that's the worst he ever does, we'll be doing well!


Noah showing off his tatts. The one his other arm was from preschool...


We enjoyed our July 4th celebration with the entire White extended family, except for Poppi who is back in Honduras. We missed you, Poppi!!


Jeanne said...

Fun day! We did miss the daddy... :(

Michael and Hannah said...

Nothing like spending the 4th with family! I love Madeline's hair, too! And that dress. She looks like an American Girl doll!