Monday, July 28, 2008

Lots 'O Luke 7-14-08

I know, I could bother to put some cute, maybe even witty, captions with these, but y'all are clever enough to come up with your own, aren't you? After VERY few hours of sleep the last several nights, TRUST ME, yours will be funnier. Feel free to share your cleverness in the comments. Now commence with the cuteness.














AB said...

I know you had a poll a few days ago to see who we thought Luke looked the most like, but these pictures make it so much harder to tell! He looks like some combination of Noah and Jack. Isn't it crazy?!

Sarah said...

Okay, Melanie-here's my captions!
1. “I think this is the fist Noah taught me to make”
2. “Oh no she didn’t”
3. “You’ve got to make copies of that picture of daddy sleeping with the wand, it was hilarious”
4. “Rah Rah Re-kick ‘em in the knee”
5. Modeling uncle Pip’s “surprise eyes” he has in so many childhood photos!
6. “I’m gonna get this tarzan yell down soon; you better watch out!”
7. “You wanna try that again?”
8. I’ve got nothing for this one, but I think he looks like Noah here
9. “Jack, you really are wacky!”
10. “From where I’m at, it looks this big”
11. caught off-guard
12. “I’m gonna be the next American Gladiator! (with a special talent of putting my fist in my mouth!)”

**And I'm glad you tuned in to my sister's blog-Eve does some hilarious things!! She's a cutie!

Kim said...

He so is so cute Melanie. I don't know how you do it! I am having a TIME with Drew right now. The threes are kicking my behind!!!