Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Girls Day In

Last Tuesday was an all-girl day here in the Smalling house. Well, except for the little man who's temporarily permanently attached to me.

Maddy requested that we "you know, like, do, like, each other's hair, and like, some makeup and stuff? And then maybe we could have, like, you know, a fashion show or something?" So she settled for Mommy putting her hair in a really pitiful excuse for an "updo", some "Girlie Pink" (really, that's the name of the shade!) eye shadow that came in her "Girl Stuff" kit that Aunt Maggie made her for Christmas (thanks, by the way, she LOVES it!!), and trying on a couple of her new cute tops from Memaw. Fortunately, Dani and Mommy weaseled their way out of having to do their own fashion show. Which is really a blessing since (a) Dani had only one change of clothes (and I think Luke had spit up on those already), and (b) Mommy can only fit into maternity clothes, and no one wants to see that. Really.




Madeline's other request for the day was Chinese food, so since Luke was not restaurant-compatible, Dani picked up Pei Wei for us. Maddy insisted on using the fancy chopsticks she got in Chinese class.


Then the brothers came home...and the bossing began.


Dani's turn to multi-task!


That baby Luke is sure growing fast :) Oh wait, that's my other baby, Jack!


Here are the results of Madeline's mani-pedi, courtesy of Dani...


Oh, look, another big baby! Wittle Woah woves his wittle bib...


And for the grand finale...Jack, strange child that he is, loves to examine things. One of his favorite things to examine is the human mouth. He's not particular whose mouth. He saw an episode of Magic School Bus that explored human digestion and somehow decided that, since when we swallow food, it goes to our stomach, that hangy-downy thing (that there's official White family terminology) in the back of your throat must be your stomach. So he would walk up to Dani (or whomever) and ask, "Can I see your stomach?" when what he meant was, "Can I look inside your mouth?" I know, like I said, he's strange. So eventually, I felt like I should at least correct him so that he wouldn't grow up thinking your stomach was literally in your throat. He then asked the obvious question, "So what IS that then?" So I told him. And that, my friends, is the story of why Jack randomly asks me to take a picture of his "uvee-uh" (uvula) and share it with you.



Valerie said...

Ahhh. Your posts are so great. I love reading them. Glad you and Maddy were able to spend some girlie time together.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

LOVE Maddies chopstick skills and blue nails--Isaac had his painted blue by me the other day =). He said he wanted Tinkerbell Blue. Hey, whatever toots your horn.