Sunday, June 29, 2008

Three weeks

It's hard to believe it's been 3 weeks since Luke was born...although in some ways it seems like he's always been here as a part of our family. He is a good baby, for the most part, eating well, sleeping pretty well (although mostly in my arms, which so far is fine with both of us), and overall is pretty content. The other kids are still loving him...they don't ask to hold him quite as often, but none of them can walk by him without taking a peek and kissing him (and of course touching his face with their dirty little hands). EVERY time that I nurse him, Jack comes over to say, "Oh, I think he likes his milk." None of them has shown any signs of jealousy toward Luke, which is really a blessing. They haven't been angels this summer (there is lots of tattling and squabbling lately), but things have gone about as smoothly as I could have hoped for. Of course, I've only had 2 total days by myself with all 4, thanks to Jared taking the first week off work, Mom staying with us the 2nd week, and the kids going to stay with Jared's parents the first half of this past week. THANK YOU!! Fortunately, Mom is going to be able to stay in the States for the rest of summer (WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!) and will probably plan to spend a couple of days each week (at least) here helping me out. I am so thankful that she is willing to do this, and that Dad is sacrificing having her there with him so that she can take care of us! When Jack was born, she had to go back soon afterward, so she missed a lot of his newborn phase. She is excited about being here for all of that with Luke. And I did manage to tough it out with 3 kids without her here, but I am SO thankful she will be here to help me this time! Thanks, Mom!

Well, if you suffered through my update, you deserve some pictures! Enjoy!

Uncle Dobie and Aunt Maggie came to visit...


...and witnessed Luke sucking his thumb for the first (and only!) time.


Jack loves holding Luke, and we'll often look up and see Jack sitting on the couch with the boppy pillow around him, just waiting for someone to bring him a baby to hold!


Luke sleeping in Dani's arms


Look! I have a belly button now! The kids were very excited about this. Luke, not so much.


"Hold everything! You're gonna put me WHERE??!!"


Clean and happy! (And probably pooping, judging by the grin)


Wiped out after bathing, nursing and filling up his diaper...


"Oooh, that was quite a burp!"


Chillin' with my paci


Jack, after 3 weeks, is an old pro at multi-tasking with Luke!


Daddy is also quite the multi-tasker


That is some cute bedhead!


Noah and Jack share a room and, for a couple more weeks (we're getting bunk beds), a full size bed. So, Noah starts out in our bed and we move him when we go to bed. When we went in the other night to move him, this is how we found him sleeping:


Luke took his first road trip, to BG on Saturday. Jared and his dad went to the Smalling family reunion, but we weren't ready to take Luke out with that many people yet. So the kids and I stayed at the Smallings' house and the kids enjoyed the pool!


Apparently, if one float is good, 4 are better...


Noah was glad to get a turn with his "adorable" brother...


"Hey, look who's holding me!" (alternate title: "Luke has already learned to make a weapon out of his hand")


Luke with Grandaddy


Luke's first nap with Memaw (she was sleeping, not upset!)


*photos from Monday, June 16 through Saturday, June 28, 2008*


Jeanne said...

Well, I am thankful I can be here to help you out, honey. I think you are an incredible mommy and could manage without me, but...I am grateful that you won't have to this time.

Love, love, love the pictures! And the explanations/titles are so funny!

I can't wait to see you guys this week!

Love, Mama/Dani

Jeanne said...

BTW, my favorite picture is the "Hold everything! You're gonna put me where?"

Sarah said...

Love all the pictures-those babies (all of them) are just adorable!! Hope to see them (some or all) on the 4th of July!! Pip and I will have to visit you all soon.

Valerie said...

Great pics and captions Melanie. Luke looks like he fits right in. I'm so glad things are going well for you with four babies! Wonderful blessing to have your mom this summer. Can't wait for more pics of baby Luke and the gang.
My favorite pic it the one with the alternate title!

Michael and Hannah said...

Loved the update, LOVED the photos... good times in the Smalling home!