Friday, November 9, 2007

Our Jack-o-lantern is THREE!!

Jack Everett is three! I told my parents recently that I was really hoping the "terrible twos" would miraculously turn into the "terrific threes" on October 30, 2007. But, it did not happen! We're stuck in the terribles! He had a good birthday, though. Round One was at Memaw & Grandaddy's on the 20th. He got some Veg.gie Ta.les' Pir.ates toys and books which he loves! I don't have pictures, but hopefully when I get a copy of Memaw's I can post some.
Round Two was supposed to be a party with friends the Pirate Party Ship (aka our deck), but due to Mommy feeling bad (and not sending out invitations!), the Second (and final) Round ended up being a small party with the Pas.chals and Fol.kers at my parents' house in BG. We had chili and hot dogs and a big cookie cake. The 2 Jacks were there--aka "Jack squared", which was about as much as one house can take! Truthfully, big Jack (who's actually medium Jack because the dads have a friend named Jack who is the original Big Jack) Fol.ker was very well behaved, so only little Jack lived up to his name. Their whole family jokes with us that we should have known better than to name a kid Jack!! We love our Jacks!!

I think this was the first birthday where Jack actually "got" the whole birthday, presents, "YOU sing Happy Birthday to ME" thing...

Jack got an Optimus Prime robot, some cars and Power Ranger toys, an RC Geotrax train...and all those were things he loves, but COULD NOT compete with the Doodle Pirate that Maddy and Noah picked out for him!! They were very excited that he loved it so much.


Dana said...

Happy Birthday to Jack! Can't believe he's already three!

Jeanne said...

One of these days we will actually be able to be in the U.S. for one of Jack's birthdays! I'm happy that at least I got to be there for his original "birth" day! :) I love our precious little Jack E.!