Friday, November 9, 2007

Halloweens Past

2000: Dani made Maddy's adorable first halloween costume. We added the pink bow so people would know she was a girl lion!

2001: This is a clown costume that Dani (then just Mom) made for me for Halloween. I think my brothers may have worn it too (at least David). I think we replaced the poms and added the hair ribbons because we like our bows!
Here's a closeup, including the cute collar...this is one of my all-time favorite pictures of little Madeline. No wonder she's "Dani's precious angel"!

2002: Noah's first Halloween and he got to wear the adorable lion costume from Dani. Maddy had a couple of different costumes this Halloween, but ultimately chose the witch (although she had no idea what that was) because it was pink, of course.

2003: Bea.uty and the Pumpkin (with Aunt Maggie and Uncle David) Mommy made Maddy's dress, my first real sewing feat. Actually, it was HUGE on her (she wore it for 2 years after this), the seams were uneven (it had like 10 gores in the skirt--WHY did I even attempt this??!!), and the hem kept falling out. But Maddy loved it, so that made it worth it!

2004: Our arrived! We were in the hospital on Halloween, but I think Uncle David and Maggie took Maddy and Noah trick-or-treating for us. Here's Jack dressed as a pacifier holder...And Maddy & Noah enjoying their D.ora and B.ob the B.uilder bags from their baby brother!

2005: Not a banner Halloween for the Smallings. We tried to go Trunk-or-Treating at church, but somehow everyone was mad at the same time. Madeline opted for Ti.nke.rbell, the itchiest costume of all of her princess dress-up clothes. And although I gave in to the sparkly face paint and spent FOREVER getting her hair Ti.nk-perfect (in her mind), the itchy costume was just too much. And the mommy-solution of wearing a white long-sleeved tshirt underneath was not well-received. It was also unusually FREEZING and I required her to wear tights and a sweater. She was not pleased. Anyway, she was convinced she was the worst Ti.nke.rbell ever and she would never dress up for Halloween again! So there! Hmph. Noah had an array of dress-up costumes which he turned down in favor of this Ti.gger "costume". It was a $6.99 sweatsuit from W-M! But at least he was happy about it. Jack was just tired (he'd only slept 16 of his usual 19 hours in that 24 hour period!) but was still a cute hand-me-down lion!

2006: Finally, a Happy Halloween! Everyone made up their mind early on and stuck with their costume, so it was a good Trunk-or-Treat for all. On Halloween night, we went to a party at a neighbor's house (from church) and the kids trick-or-treated in that neighborhood, so they got double treats! By the way, Madeline is Cind.erella, Jack is Mic.key Mo.use, and Noah is Ba.tman.


Deaton, party of 5 said...

Fun Halloween memories! I wish I had photos from the past to share, but our scanner is in the attic, and my computer crashed this time last year losing all of our digital photos =(. Sarah and I want to come and visit you SOON!

Jeanne said...

My precious little trick-or-treaters! That clown costume may be too old to pass down to the boys when they have children...But maybe the lion costume can be worn once by all the grandkids to come!