Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Halloween! Arrrr!

This year we didn't trick-or-treat in any neighborhoods, just at Trunk-or-Treat at our church. They had hot dogs and chili going on too and then afterwards we actually had classes. I felt a little guilty sending my sugar-doped costumed kids to their classes, but I didn't have a choice. They survived, but it was a crazy night. Jack refused to take a nap that day even though he seriously needed one. Long story short (sort of), he disobeyed (which we could just call "Jacked") his way to not getting to go trunk or treat. Before you feel too sorry for him, he did get to dress up and come eat and go to class, and he'd gotten a sackful of more treats than one kid could eat from mother's day out. Trust me, he was fine. He got to stay home with Daddy by himself, which I think he would have actually chosen over trick-or-treating if given the choice! He told us the next day he had fun trick-or-treating, so I'm not sure he missed anything. So much for discipline, but at least it kept us from having to chase down an extremely tired and cranky boy during the mass chaos that IS Trunk-or Treat. All of that was to explain why I have pictures of 2 of the 3 pirates posing, and just one quick snapshot of the 3rd eating. He looked like Noah, minus 2 inches in height and the painted on beard!
Good little pirates!

Super scary pirates!

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Jeanne said...

Those are the cutest pirates I've ever seen!!! And scary!!! Yikes...

One day we will all laugh (actually I already do...)about the shennanagins of little Jack.