Monday, November 12, 2007

Birthdays Past--Jack edition

I enjoyed looking back at Halloween pictures so much that I decided to do Birthdays. So, since Jack had the most recent birthday, I thought I'd start with him. And looking back kind of made me wish I'd thought ahead and taken similar pictures each year, like some thoughtful and creative moms I know! Or had yearly portraits done like most moms I know. Oh well, maybe I'll get things together by the time my grandkids come along! Probably not :-)

We welcomed #3 into the world on October 30, 2004, at 12:10 pm. I don't think he was actually named yet at the time this picture was taken!

Oct 2005, 1 year old: This is one of my all-time favorite pictures of him. He has always loved the outdoors!

Oct 2006, 2 years old: He was all about Veggie Tales for most of his 2nd year. This ginormous Larry Boy is still in his bed!

Oct 2007, 3 years old: What a handsome little man! You'd never guess how much trouble he is...or can you see the mischief in his eyes?? We love our Wacky Jack!


Jeanne said...

What a precious little boy! I can't believe he's getting so big! Maybe you'll get it all together by the time you have grandkids...but if you're like your mother...maybe not... :)

Teresa Kimbel said...

Melanie, your mom put me onto your blog and I've just read all of them. They are priceless and yes you should write a book. I had even thought that before I read that you thought that. I only hope to be the Dani that Jeanne is to my own children. I'm praying for you and your pregnancy. I believe things will go well. I too love cemeteries, by the way. Dot and I love walking through them together. We are going to be buried by each other in Fairview Cemetery, so, I guess, wherever you go I will go. :) Love you, Teresa