Saturday, September 29, 2007

Pictures to follow...

I can't get my pictures off my camera for some reason tonight, but I'm going to post anyway. Here are some random (recent) Smalling stories...

Madeline's favorite sport is basketball and she wants to be a photographer. I had no idea until I read it on a homework assignment she did for school...again, mother of the year is OUT for me! Although to be fair she has never: a)played basketball, b)watched more than 5 minutes of a basketball game on tv or live, and c)expressed any interest in playing or watching basketball. I think that might have been by process of elimination since she is as un-athletic as her mama (and daddy)! In her defense, she has been asking for a camera for quite some time (she's had a few disposables before, but not on a regular basis), so I guess that really should go to the top of the birthday/Christmas list! On a positive note, I did correctly guess her favorite color (PINK-- 4th, 5th, 6th & 7th birthdays, pictured),

favorite food (pb&j), favorite movie (Esther), favorite book (Junie B. Jones), favorite song ("The Battle Belongs to the Lord"), favorite candy (chocolate), favorite pet (cat), favorite game (Princess Monopoly), and where I want to visit (Honduras). The last 2 I did not guess, but was thankful to hear her say: 1)When am I the happiest: with my family. 2) Why I like myself: because my family loves me!

Setting: in Honda Odyssey somewhere on I-65 N, near White House, TN
Me: Noah, what is that you're coloring?
Noah: Oh, I'm just drawing an angel.

Little angel Noah

Me: Really? What kind of angel? (expecting the response of either "it's an angel that's really an....ALIEN!" or "an angel BRAIN", since aliens and brains are all he draws lately)
Noah: It's the angel that visited me last night when I was in my bed.
Me: Hmmm...and what did it do?
Noah: It said, "Do not be afraid. I am with you, and I am God, the Lord."
Me: Were you afraid?
Noah: (incredulous) Not after I saw the angel!

Jack spent last weekend with my parents, which was a nice break for me and a fun treat for them! He had a blast and did NOT want to come home (both of the other kids would have been, especially at his age). My dad was sleeping in his chair Sunday afternoon (some things never change!) and Jack decided he wanted Poppi to read him a book, so instead of asking Poppi, he just dropped the book on Poppi and startled him awake. Dad sat up and said something harmless like, "Jack, please don't do that" in his Daddy voice. Jack pooched his bottom lip out and ran to Dani and said, very distraught, "Dani, Poppi talked again!" As if he, of course, had done nothing at all...mean ol' Poppi just "talked again".


Dana said...

It never ceases to amaze me what I don't know about my kids. And, I'm home with them all the time! I remember when they were little and I helped them keep their toys in line. I knew which Lego set each block belonged to and kept up with every Barbie shoe. Now, I walk into their rooms and pick up a shirt and say, "Where did this come from? Did I buy this? How long have you had it? Have I ever seen it on your body? Why is it under a pile of video games?" Megan wants to be an architect. I'm not entirely sure she knows what one does except that if you want to build a two-story dream room with a motorized closet and a jacuzzi, you need an architect. I think Andrew just wants to have fun when he grows up. So, I'm not sure what career that translates to.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Pink, it's another universal among girls and some boys too =).

Deaton, party of 5 said...
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Jeanne said...

And don't forget the story from last Fri. night when Maddy was telling me all about the new Island Princess Barbies and Noah said, "Maddy, I'm going to get all your dolls and throw them away!" Maddy got very upset and Noah said, "She likes her toys more than she likes her family"...Maddy got tears in her eyes and said, "Noah, I would give away all of my dolls and all of my toys to save your life." Awwwww....

That's so precious about Noah and "his angel"...I wish Jack had one to make him not afraid of all the monsters in his room! :)

I will never forget those 3 days with Jack at our house...We had a great time!