Thursday, September 20, 2007

Noah's First Kindergarten Field Trip

Walking to Ellin.gton from schoolWe are very thankful to live just down the road from Ellin.gton A.gricul.tural Center. It is another one of our favorite places in the city...a little piece of the country. Our favorite part is the horses, but there is also a museum, vegetable and flower gardens and several old cabins that have been preserved. The kids' school is in the same neighborhood, too, so usually a couple of times a year, the classes walk to Ellin.gton for one thing or another. The Kindergarten classes went today and learned about Covered Wagons. I don't know how teachers keep up with 21 kindergarteners all day, even contained in a classroom. They are...well...exciting, to say the least. I spent the entire 2 block walk either tying a shoe, guiding the "strays" back into line, or fielding questions about everything from "If I jumped in that creek, would my mama get mad?" to "Did you know green is my favorite color? Do you know what my favorite food is? Spaghetti. Did you know my brother's name is..." (ad nauseum...from the same kid) to "Are there bears in those woods? I can't go in woods that have bears, my mama told me that before"!! It was so fun, and so hilarious to be around so many kids so full of life, with such curious and imaginative minds. But WHEW, I couldn't do THAT day after day. For ANY amount of money. So I am reminded of just how thankful I am to those of you who have been gifted to teach (or just are brave enough to do it anyway) and work with our children. You are SUPER-heroes in my book!! Noah & friends watching beans being picked from the vegetable garden

Noah in front of one of the cabins

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Deaton, party of 5 said...

Whew that was a fun filled day! I bet you will get some good sleep tonight. I can't wait for school field trips. Did you all pack sack lunches or what?