Monday, September 24, 2007

Madeline's PTA program

The 2nd graders performed "Autumn Songs" for the parents at this month's PTA meeting (it's the PTA's way to get parents there!).
Above is Madeline dancing and singing; right is the entire 2nd grade class singing. They did a great job. She really enjoys music and has a great teacher. Of course, that makes me happy to see my children appreciating music on any level! For some reason I cannot get good pictures on that stage (I'm sure it's me!) but pictures of the boys while we waited turned out pretty clear.

Here the boys are being entertained by taking turns wearing my sunglasses...much more interesting than the toys they brought to play with!

Left: Noah is big into the thumbs-up. He's such a positive kid...his standard answer to "How are you?" or "How was school?" is a very enthusiastic "GREAT!" He is proof that fussy babies can make happy kids!
Right: Jack saying "cheese"...can you tell I'm holding him back because he really wants down to grab the camera and check his shot. This kid is proof that calm, happy babies can make wild kids!

I realized as I looked at my blog, that there are not many pictures lately of Madeline, but here are a couple from this summer.
At a skating party for a friend (her 2nd time skating ever)...

Playing princess dress-up...I'll try to get some better pictures of her soon! She's a precious girl, who is just growing up too fast! She has really hit a comfortable stage in life (I'm SURE it won't last long!) where she is pretty independent when it's helpful but still sweet and loving. She has her smarty-pants moments, but she really has a love for the Lord and a desire to do right. We are so very proud of the little young woman she is becoming.


Lydia's Mom said...

Let Maddie know that I love her pictures and that I always thought roller skating was way tough! She is a very beautiful princess. And your boys, what cool dudes wearing your sunglasses.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Look at beautiful Maddie. You need to give Tyra Banks a call and get that girl modeling. I imagine she will be tall and lovely just like her Mama. ~Love the boys in the glasses too =).