Thursday, January 29, 2009

To the Warren County Board of Education...

Please accept this bill in the amount of $5,000.00 for the following:

Therapy for my children after seeing Mommy cry whenever the Polar Report comes on: $147.99

Water and detergent for 47 extra loads of laundry due to excessive clothing and dressup changes: $88.97

Copays for pediatrician visits for potential frostbite and various other cold weather-related issues because OH MY YOU ALL MUST GET OUT OF THE HOUSE BEFORE I START CALLING YOU NAMES!: $80.00 ($20.00 each child)

Additional groceries and snacks because SERIOUSLY why did I ever complain about $1.65 for lunch? They have eaten MUCH more than that being home all day!: $95.42

Hot cocoa, which apparently is NON-NEGOTIABLE for my children to play outside in the cold: $15.83

Meals eaten out because at some point, we just need to GO SOMEWHERE, ANYWHERE, and why not eat while we're there, too?: $52.50

Miscellaneous toys I caved and purchased after hearing about them for no less than 87 hours in a row: $62.47

Punitive damages, which would be higher but I think the limit, were I to sue for damages, would be $5000.00: $4,456.82

Thank you for your consideration. You can be assured that the punitive damages will go toward massages and other worthwhile forms of therapy (retail, food, etc) once the SIX DAY WEEKEND is over.
Boorishly Grouchy in Bowling Green

Can you tell we're a little stir-crazy here??

**The picture is not directed at the school system in any way, just a reflection of how crazy we are starting to drive each other! No disrespect is intended, but it's the 3rd day we've been out and our "country roads" here are clear!! I love my children and am thankful to be able to be home with them, but OH MY I am tired and frazzled, as well as sad to think that these days OFF are going to mean they will be IN school on those lovely first days of June instead of at the park!! If you don't find this humorous, please just move on and pretend you didn't see it!


Sarah said...

as a teacher with no children of my own, I enjoy these days off being completely lazy and UNproductive, but I now clearly see how the mother's of school children do not find these 'holidays' relaxing. me if you would like someone extra to watch them, take a few some where, or give you a break!! I'm free tomorrow!!

Love ya!

Jeanne said...

I've already left you a comment on Facebook, but feel this is definitely worthy of another! On one hand, I think if absolutely hilarious!!! You have managed to keep your sense of humor in a difficult situation. But on the other hand, I am sad that I couldn't help you out with those lively little grandchildren of mine!

I love you!


Laura Beth said...

You make me laugh! I hope they go to school tomorrow for YOUR sake! :)

Amy B said...

Gotta love it! And, as I'm sure you know by now, school is out tomorrow too! Aidan is over being excited about that -- he's ready to get back to school.

Deaton, party of 5 said...

Right there with you girl!!! I can't believe we are OUT OF SCHOOL again today. I was looking forward to just getting my one out of the house for a couple of hours. It's amazing how long these COLD, dreary days can last. It's normal to be frazzled when your routine is thrown off. Shannon and I will be lunching together today if you'd like to join us? Give me a buzz 202-1314.

Michael and Hannah said...

You're riotous. Hang in there. There is light at the end of the tunnel... and that light is in Florida. Come see me! Wow, Luke is totally looking like a Smalling now!

Jody said...

That was very funny and very true. I'm glad it's finally gotten nice enough out. Hope you all are doing well. It was nice having you at Church. Hope to see you soon.