Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Alternate title: "At this rate we'll be in school til June"
Luke's first time out in the snow! He giggled when it blew in his face, but looked suspicious when I pulled out the camera to try to document it :) He's a cute little stinker!

I don't know why I try to get all 4 in a never turns out well. But here's my attempt!
"More bars in more places!" Ironic because the BG area (and maybe more?) has been out of AT&T cell service during the ice storm.
Catching snowflakes on their tongues


Jeanne said...

Great pictures! And isn't it interesting that the snow looks even neater with the barn behind it? Actually, nearly all seasons look great with the barn in the picture.

Glad there was enough for the kids to play in!

Valerie said...

These pictures are ADORABLE! I love that you have the red barn in the background... really makes the snow scene cool.
Baby "uuuke" is SO CUTE! Zoe loves looking at his pictures! (and so do I).
Yes, school 'til June would be an appropriate title for sure!!!

Hannah said...

What?!? No "boy-with-stick-in-the-snow" photo? :)