Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It's Monday again! Head over to MckMama's to check out all of the things that most certainly were not done this week!

If you know me at all, you know that we for sure did not keep our pajamas on all day long! No, we always dress for success around here.

And while we were at Walmart this week, of course I did not let Jack talk me into buying Batman and Superman pajamas (with a cape attached for cryin' outloud!) for baby Luke!

And what kind of mother would let her 7 month old crawl around the house in nothing but his diaper when it is 2 degrees outside? Not me, that's who! And my couch did not spend most of the week covered in laundry. Nope, NOT ME! And a not-naked crawling baby Luke totally did not pull down as many of the folded clothes as he could reach and drop them on the floor or back in the basket. Nope, not us! We don't do silly stuff like that around here.
I also would never allow that same crawling baby to open the cabinet and pull out and chew on the kids' DVDs. That would be so irresponsible. And if I did do that, which of course I didn't, I would not continue chatting on Facebook while he did it. And I for sure would not update my Facebook status to admit that I was letting him do that or that I thought it was both cute and funny. Nope.
And for real, y'all, I would not run outside in my sock feet because I am too lazy to put on shoes and snap a quick picture of the barn in the snow. Which would mean that my feet would also not have been in the snow. That would just be crazy!
Finally, I most certainly, absolutely, totally and completely do NOT love this picture of my two oldest reading the Bible together (of their own free will)!


Wayne said...

Great not me monday. Theres nothing wrong with staying in your pj's all day. The pics are awsome

Jeanne said...

Wonderful! Sounds like it was definitely NOT a fun day!!! :) I do so love those pictures of my grandchildren (in their p.j.'s) and especially that little diapered Luke getting into the DVD's and laundry. He's not curious at all, is he?

My only "not me monday' is: "When I was picking up Steve at the airport last Monday night, I totally did NOT trip and fall to the ground on my hands and knees with such a jar that I would have though I had whiplash (if I had fallen, which of course i didn't). But if i had, I would have been terribly sore all over for days. But, since that didn't happen to me (how embarrassing that would have been! I'm much more coordinated than that, for goodness sakes!), then I was definitely NOT sore for days!

Janda said...

Great not me monday, so nice to know that we are all not totally awesome parents toghether!

Deaton, party of 5 said...

You're one funny gal! Isn't motherhood full of excitement =)???

Lee Fowlkes said...

It makes me happy to know that I am not the only one to have a couch covered in laundry. When the kids love pulling them down, folding seems like a waste of time.

For me, I did NOT leave a mirror in the back yard after renovating our bathroom, and Hannah did NOT try to get snow off of it, and I definitely did not have to take her to get four stitches when it broke. I wouldn't do anything like that.